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UBM Sputter ​

UBM Sputter (Unbalanced Magnetron Sputter)
  • The UBM sputter is a technology that increases the sputtering efficiency by detailed design the magnetic field strength of the internal and external magnets.
  • The interaction between the magnetic field formed by the permanent magnet mounted on the cathodes and the electric field applied to the target increases the plasma density near the target. High-density plasma increases the discharge current and increases the sputtering efficiency.
Characteristics and Specifications of UBM Sputter
  • Able to use alloys, compounds and insulating layers to deposit thin film
  • Enable to various reactive sputtering
  • Uniformity of the deposition layer
  •  Large Sputtering Target Enable
  • Low temperature process
  • Easy to color coatings of oxide and metal nitride
UBM350 UBM650 UBM850 UBM1050 UBM1200
Size (mm) W100 × H350 W100 × H680 W120 × H850 W120 × H1050 W120 × H1200
Type of Magnet Permanent magnet
Coating Uniformity ± 3%
Operative Pressure < 30mTorr